Saturday, June 28, 2014


Long steps taken forward with slow and steady strides,
Enjoying lush green landscapes along the countrysides:
Speckled with blooming flowers in the distant trees,
That swayed gaily in the cool winds carrying salted sprays
As the sun drowns beyond the seas with his last rays

All the straws are sewn to form a world so exquisite
As the words are fed to the ears listening intently to elicit -
An Elysium from the heart having deepest hidden desires
Waiting for ages to be free because of untold sorrows
Of not savoring the glory, buried they were in the hollows

When the craving eyes opened to see the face of reality
Among the bed of roses, there was a lonely palm tree
Planted in the backyard garden of a solitary cottage
Shining droplets landed on her joyous face from the skies
Like pearls from heaven against the darkness in her blue eyes

The heart poured out pitiful tears in unutterable distress
Unable to bear the guilt of envy caused by words of joyfulness
Rotten chagrin & shame ascended the throne instead of euphoria
Although it was a little cottage; to her it was a wonderland
But for the rest of the eyes, it was nothing but a barren land

Those pleasing words aspired to open the blinds of gloom:
An endeavor to live life in the couch of her soul-room
The magical spells were her means to foster a paradise
For ultimate delight is flourished from deep within the core
Then the glamour of innate beauty is felt like never before

February 20, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My poem Identity is featured in We Drink Because We're Poets. Click here to read it. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Flower Basket

A basket full of love - rich with endearing flowers
That are tinted only with colors of utmost happiness
Made those innocent eyes shimmer with sparkling showers
While the lips widened to wear a smile of eagerness

As the basket is taken along the hedges of a beautiful garden,
The breeze of misty morning made dew drops trickle down
And quench the earth's thirst, letting the shrubs thrive in the open
While the floral fragrance is savored until the sun goes down

Suddenly, the morning bliss turned savagely gloomy
For there came a darkest storm pelting black stones
Which obliterated the flowers till they bled for mercy
This brutal assault made agony ooze in muted groans

The river of sad tears persistently flowed for a long time
Until the gnawing pain dwindled, then the eyes caught a sign
Beyond the depths of a fragile kernel, quivering with fear:
A spark of faint hope - making the storm slowly disappear

When the spark flourished into full beams of celestial light
The basket is carried again; this time with strength & courage
Those stones remained at the bottom with their smirks of spite
To unleash terror; for the traumatic past was held hostage

Its only when new fragrant flowers are brought in,
Enchanting beauty is replenished with dancing butterflies
As the flowers covered up those heinous stones of pain & sin
Returning smiles to the lips & joyful shine to those weary eyes

*    *    *
Started: 20 January 2014 Finished: 22 January 2014