Monday, March 10, 2014

Please Vote!

You heard what I said. Please vote. That's the least you could do. Legally. To witness change in this country we live in, that's all we can do. Vote! That's our right; our only privilege to change the face of our nation. Let's exercise it.

I have been festering in the middle of so many discussions about India's problems and unresolved issues while having lunch with colleagues and during tea breaks. I sit quietly because I very well know I can't do anything about it. Mainly because I am not at all interested in it and secondly, I really can't do anything about it. I am helpless. Everyone is smart enough to talk and debate for hours about high voltage drama that's shown on news channels and in the newspapers. Today's media is constantly feeding negativism. So our minds are tuned to it. We don't get excited if there is any pleasant news. And how can media lose their business, when they know that only the scandalous news is making money for them? And we, "smart people", all we do is talking. If we are so much concerned about the country's progress, why do we just sit and blabber about how pathetic India is? Why don't we join politics and start making the change?

So, considering most citizens, who want to live their lives the easy way, but sick and tired of the state of affairs of the country, the best thing we can do is vote. We are seeing drama everyday on TV. We are watching news, interviews and talk shows involving our leading political leaders. So, its an undeniable fact that we do have just enough intelligence to foresee a person leading our country who can bring in that change. I am not saying the change will happen overnight. It will certainly take time. But by exercising our basic right of casting vote is the first step towards the change that we anticipate. "How does my vote count? After all It's a single vote! It hardly matters." The answer is, no! It matters. Even I used to think in the same way. Trust me, there are many citizens who think likewise. And what happens? Looking at the total voting count, the number dangles between 45% and 60%. And this number is going to decide who is going to govern the country! What's worse! Some part of this percentage comes from people who are lured by money and all other immoral/illegal means to cast their votes to hand-picked "so called" leaders without their free will. Therefore, I am entreating all the citizens of India to cast their votes in this year's general elections.

When I shared this with my colleague, he came up with new information. This time there is a choice of "None of these" on the voting machines. If you think that none of the political leaders are fit, you can select this option. What next? Well, there is a fight going on in the Supreme Court. If the count of this is 50% and above, there will be a re-election. The Election Commission will set a directive which won't let the same babus stand a chance for the second time. Well, I think this is a start, better than nothing.

I implore to all the politicians of India. Improvement of the nation not only means to bring in new opportunities, industries, jobs, infrastructure, etc. All of this will happen anyway. There is no way stopping these objectives from execution. But lets accept the fact. India is in huge pile of mess and corruption is the stinking scum of it. It needs to be cleaned up - from the grass-roots to the leaves. Then, it will be a big leap forward to make our country flourish faster. Then any citizen won't have to bribe in any Government offices. Elected officials should be bound to do their duties rightfully. Otherwise, they should be sacked. Its so distressing even to think of situations when I had to bribe just to make them listen to my words. Curbing corruption will certainly improve the overall development progress of the entire nation. The other point that is equally indispensable is security. People are afraid to walk on streets. Indian judiciary is very strong. But it lacks strict and prompt execution. Cops are meant to protect people. Their duty is to ensure security. But they act powerless. So people are scared of cops. This is deplorable.

Now, please don't tell me you don't have a voter's card. That's such lame and a crappy excuse man. Give me a break! Its such a ridiculous reason. If you don't have this and/or you don't want to cast your vote, then please don't talk anything about current affairs of this country. Because you don't have the god damn right to discuss bullshit. I want to have my meal peacefully at least once in a day. I don't want spoil my day with your crap filled bowl of political diagnosis which will always leave my stomach upset!


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