Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pool of Saffron

I walk in tired, exhausted, wiped out!
My mind immediately turns its attention to her
"Ah, my love! I am home," I say,
"Just a minute, I am coming!"
After all she is the only one who refreshes me,
To relieve me from yet another distressing day
Her scent reminds me of her presence

I take her out, open her up; wow! There she is!
The aroma pleasantly flows into my nostrils;
My eyes close as her incense seizes me
And rejoice every particle of her fine dust
Floating calmly in the space in between
I am reborn! Its a sigh of new life!

I take you gently into my hand
With great love and care,
Then I can't help wondering:
"You are the one; I just can't stop loving you.
Whoever discovered you is a true genius."
I pour you in a silver pot of
Hot and white creamed juice -
Just the way you want it to be -

While you begin swimming in concentric circles
I stir the pool gently and watch you have fun in the vortex
I love the sight of watching you bathe
Imparting saffron color to the entire pond
Your envy makes the cold waters turn into vapors
The fragrance of such divine essence
I simply cannot let it go; you posses me!
Then I pour you into my favorite goblet
Smelling you for one last time, I take a sip
You never fail to re-energize my mind and soul

tea (n.) a hug in a cup
Caption courtesy: We Drink Because We're Poets

Sept 4, 2013