Sunday, December 1, 2013

Unheard Silence

The rays splintered the clouds lighting up the sky,
White pearls are seen shimmering on distant tides,
The sun is rising slowly sneaking up like a spy;
A heavenly spectacle for hundreds of eager eyes

There came a man sprinting along the sea shore,
Extremely apathetic towards this marvellous sight
Stopping short, he began thinking about his life before -
The tears started to trickle down his face, shining bright

Life was beautiful until it abruptly came to a dead end,
Unaware of the strange silence which had been growing
The days which passed on like ages, were hard to spend
Without a word from his love, left him in tearful longing

The long-lasting quest for his lost love was fruitless
It only brought back fond memories of their hearts -
Beating together as one, without a speck of darkness
Although they were more than a thousand miles apart

Anger took control and made him insanely confused -
When he searched for answers and didn't find any clues
"Where did it all go wrong?" he cried, with raging temper
"I don't know." his heart said, with trembling whisper

The loneliness had crushed the heart he owned
Which was never felt when his mind was all alone
Never had he sensed before, this intense need of care -
Until his heart had a place for a dear one out there

Not only was this sound of silence was never heard before,
But also the gloomy rattling of being completely ignored
As time flew by, his mind got lost in the barren desert -
Unable to savor joy; unrequited love left him badly hurt

Sinking in painful thoughts, his mind began to groan
Yet he stood firm staring at the sea without a cry
While the heart was burdened by the unknown,
Reminding him of his love and its unspoken good bye

He kept looking at the sun rising out of the billows,
Illuminating his tears which relentlessly flowed;
They reflect my soul; as I watch a boat far away
I hope that my eternal silence will be heard one day

July 2013