Saturday, December 14, 2013

Crippled World

With enormous fortune to breed
A puppet is elected to lead
Having enough roots to bear
Growing deeper into the earth
Impossible to pull it away

Now watch the entire state burn,
Witness the horror of
Broken pieces of power
The suffering of helpless innocents is relished
Lips are permanently stitched and sealed forever
When a silent cry against oppression is heard

Time moves forward only to bring change,
That time is not too far
Gallons of boiling blood can't be kept
Sealed in closed barrels for long

A never seen before
Volcano - so violent -
Will erupt one day
Thick somber clouds of smoke
Cover the entire sky,
Making way for everlasting darkness
The river of fiery lava floods all over,
And the blaze of fury burns all the
Unworthy pests to cinder,
To establish order from chaos
Thus dawns a new era of
Freedom from decadence

July 2013