Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Walk in the Meadows

From a deep and dark hole, I rose to elope
Stepping out with a great sense of new hope
I finally walked out of the gloomy shadows,
Relishing the incense of freedom in the meadows

Up above, a dark blanket swept the sky
Why isn't there a moon, or a star to be seen?
A gush of memories flooded my inner eye
I discovered about my life; how it had been

I saw a mother sitting all alone, heartbroken
Silent tears seeped in the memory of her lost son
While staring blankly towards the endless horizon,
She lamented the loss of her beloved husband

A revelation struck me like a deadly disease:
I walked through walls and closed doors freely,
Like a departed soul which did not rest in peace
I am a ghost, one among them, flying over me

All alone, I lingered on empty streets for many days
Without even being able to feel the touch of dust
I still thank the Supreme One who opened the ways
For me; I finally said goodbye to the love I trust

As my warm wishes to her were lost in the echoes
I remember it happened in these very meadows
Death had caught me at the end of a bitter brawl
While I was saving a soul - dearest of them all

I felt a tender touch of fingers, trying to hold my hand
Such a delightful sight! My eyes could barely withstand
It was my son; I held him up and embraced him warmly
He managed to smile and fondly called me: "Daddy!"

June 2013