Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Violet Rose

The sun was rising up from the mountain bed
He beamed his rays and "Wake up!" he said
Casting a rainbow across the farm of cattle
It made the birds sing and streams to babble

Suzie woke up early stretching her arms
Wearing a bright smile, she ran to her garden
To see a budding rose under the leaves of palm,
Of violet color which is not seen very often

So delighted was she to see it in full bloom
Her twinkling eyes were not enough to admire,
Those petals of velvet touch softer than any plume,
Speckled with drops of dew, sparkling like sapphire

Suzie was mesmerized by its holy appearance
The beauty of this flower drove her conscience -
To touch it, but it was against her morality
For the rose could have easily lost its divinity

As soon as the sun was up, Suzie called her friends
"Behold the one and only, Violet Rose!" she said
The jubilance in their shining eyes was immense
As there was no such thing so spellbinding instead

Some began to tickle it, others touched it
Suzie was not pleased to see this; not one bit
They failed to understand it was for one's eyes only
Which was enough to please all the senses entirely

Slowly the rose began to lose its elegance
Dew drops where lost; wrinkles made it look worse
Suzie just could not stand this awful nuisance -
Of caressing it; looked like an act of dreadful curse

Sadly, the violet rose ultimately turned black
So did Suzie's heart; even though innocent she was
She asked her friends never again to come back
And drove all of them away without regretting her loss

It was born and nurtured by the heavens above
It was a priceless being a while ago; now meaningless,
Without any value, became worthless like lost love
Stood feebly on its stem without pollens, nevertheless

The rose which could have easily lasted for a week
Suzie shed her tears seeing it so fragile and weak
She was dismayed; it didn't survive even for a day
Never such a flower bloomed again since that day

May 2013