Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soldier Song

All alone in the dark, I am walking
My mind, I know what its thinking
Behind me, someone is lurking
Will I be able to carry this longer?

Step-by-step, I kept on walking
My hands holding it tight - trembling
A fully loaded rifle - brightly shining
I am afraid I can't carry this any longer

I move on quietly, slowly, tiptoeing
I speak to God, I am earnestly praying
To get rid of this anxiety I am carrying
Why is the world fueling "hate" fever?

The world I knew was never like this
For those juvenile eyes, everything was bliss
Once so calm, why is the world now so amiss?
Why is it so hard to keep it happy forever?

I don't have a clue; what am I doing?
To welcome terror, there is brutal killing
To flourish peace, why does it need fighting?
Now have a look at us; how do we differ?

Please answer me, is this morally justified?
I can clearly see how the world is petrified
It's painful to see terror and peace unified
Sad, but there is no choice left for me either

Those enemies are called peace breakers
But, we, the soldiers, are called peacemakers
We both are on the same job; how ironic!
We both are nothing less than being acidic

Because of a soldier, there is a ray of hope
For me, peaceful thoughts are out of scope
I'm only meant for treaties to be signed in blood
Or to die fighting in the battle field of red mud

With such burdening thoughts in this night
Of darkness, I am walking with all my might
When suddenly I turn to see what's on my right;
Unimaginable terror shoots inside me upright

Dazed! I aimed and started firing hurriedly
Bursts of light and smoke are seen vividly
Noise of blazing gunshots are heard loudly
Presently I stumble and fall down in agony

I fell down facing the sky; I am gasping for air
I see that man is dead, his eyes gleaming in flare
My vision is going blurry; I am dying in vain
Alas! My motherland is still in a lot of pain

"I've died with honor and pride" is what I brag
Having served my nation denoted by a great flag
I see my soul is rising up from my body - separated
Stranded between gates of heaven & hell - uninvited

May 2013