Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I am on air with Ken Cowle on Canadian Radio - WhiStle Radio 102.7FM


I am thrilled and excited to be invited by Ken Cowle, Founder & President of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc., as a special guest on his show on Canadian radio: WhiStle Radio 102.7fmSo, on Tuesday (October 8, 2013) 9:00 PM EST, CLICK HERE to tune in to the show, then sit back, relax and enjoy listening to me speaking about my idea on poetry and writing, and doing the spoken word on my poems! You will also enjoy some great music along with it! Repeat telecast on Sunday (October 13, 2013) at 1:00 AM ESTPlease share this news with your friends who would be interested in listening to the show.

I thank Wendy Smale, an artist from Pennsylvania, USA, who looked into my work and admired it. It was very nice of her to introduce me to Ken right away! Ken is an awesome person, extremely down to earth and a very kind man. I thank him for his time and patience to go through my pieces of poetry and giving me a chance to showcase my work on his show! When he asked me to be on his show, I nearly fainted: "Me? On a show?!" It took a lot for me swallow that! When the recording was over, I didn't sleep that night. Yes, it happens to me; whenever I am excited I don't sleep; I just kept smiling, laying in my bed looking up at the ceiling. With such guys existing in the world we live in, talents can no longer be hidden from it! Its truly a great honor! Well, I am super excited about this! I'd glad to know what you think about it!

Many thanks & Best regards,
Amit Herlekar