Tuesday, September 10, 2013

God's Debris

This is the book that will nudge your brains to really start working. Whatever it says, it seems so obvious about things you have known all along. You will feel enlightenment within yourself nonetheless. The novel talks about philosophy with whole new angle. In the sense that you will never know it is indeed philosophy. It talks about our views on God, His creation and His existence. Everything in this world is driven by probability and we are all living in an illusion. The author, Scott Adams, doesn't try to change your belief or faith. He will only make you think; as the title of the book says: A Thought Experiment. This experiment neither concludes on anything, nor it tells about outcome of anything. Yet, you will say to yourself, "Yes, it is true!" I think I will read this again some time again. I am incapable of giving out more details as its so beautifully narrated. This is just a little over 100 pages long. So you can finish reading this book within a few hours. It is certainly a worthwhile read!

P.S. If are looking forward to read the book, you should read the author's introduction before going ahead. He is very clear on what he wants to convey and who this book is intended for.

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