Saturday, August 10, 2013

Such a Funny Thing

I received appreciations and awards at work recently in recognition for my performance. Honestly, I am not really happy with it, because there is nothing special I should feel about. I didn't invent a technological marvel. I just did my job. Yes, I agree I should be overwhelmed with my achievements but I am not. I feel it’s a mean world which we all live in. Let me elaborate the reasons of me being a downer (well, not exactly a downer, hmm, you can say not being joyful). If I look back, say, since three years, I don't think I have changed intellectually. My intelligence was the same as it is now. Only difference is that my efforts are now being recognized in the form of awards and appreciations. Why didn't people see my efforts then? I believe my production levels at work were the same. In fact, these things didn't make me more knowledgeable or more intelligent. In the end, it’s a funny thing to think that I was working in wrong places where people failed to know me. And now comes the worst part. Because of all these certificates of appreciations I received, people think of me as a priceless guy. It's like having a list of evidences of my efforts. How bad is that? I believe in myself and I know my abilities. I don't need a proof for that! It’s such a mean and brutal thing when one's worth is measured in certificates. And those people will also be under the impression that I will be motivated to work harder. No sir! Sorry! I will give my best shot, that's all. I don't work to impress anyone. I work for my livelihood. Where were all those people then when the same old me was walking around the block when they didn't even care to have a glimpse of me, and now from nowhere they come hunting for me? Alas, the words embossed on a certificate are more valued and have become the only means to know a person's worth. Ah, this is just another one of my rants; the philosophy of my mind. I am not sure how many people can understand or relate to this.

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