Sunday, August 25, 2013

Honour Among Thieves

Alright! This review is going to be a short one for I don't have much words to describe its excellence. First up: fantastic novel! Great story filled with strong characters. The plot is about a conspiracy between USA and Iraq after the events of Gulf War. It has crime, love, murder, espionage - very intelligently detailed (the part I loved the most), the game of politics and everything you need for an awesome thriller. It begins with loose ends: all you can wonder is What's going on? I smell something fishy. Things begin to fall in place only after first 100 pages. The story grows breaking its own barriers thickening the plot and doesn't remain stagnant revolving over the same place. The loose ends are nicely interwoven and the way missing links are later connected as the pages turn is something only a well disciplined and a trained mind can do. Thus, it always engages its reader from start to finish. The intensity is a kept very much alive throughout. I found more characters in this book and each have played their part brilliantly. It made me think This is the kind of book I want to write one day. It turned out to be a great read. Thumbs up to Jeffery Archer!