Thursday, August 15, 2013

Glitter of Happiness

A dull heart wakes up
Begins beating in rhythms
With a pleasant melody
When mine reflect the sparkles
And the glitter of happiness
In those vibrant hazel green eyes.
A smile of long-lasting radiance
Materializes on my lips
Well before the ecstasy
Starts to inflate the air
While the aesthetic spectacle
Begins to drench my dry eyes

In the quest for delight at large
The tiny things within are ignored
That light up for small moments
Waiting to be relished entirely -
Experience the spirit of innocence,
Embrace the warmth in simplicity of life,
Never let them die in vain,
Accept nature in its original form;
Just the way it is; the only truth;
The naked truth, locked up in a vault
That houses a veiled garden,
Oblivious to the world all along -
By the eyes blinded by dim-lit drapes;
Their craving for eternal bliss and
Ultimate peace is never fulfilled

The healing touch of your hands
Has the gentle power of
Opening those closed doors,
Which have remained shut forever
For this soul had nothing to offer
To the world that is not dear
Waiting for the words to be sung
In whispers, until the kernel is felt
Then it liberates pure energy in trickles,
Filling the void with divine pleasure
Which my skin fails to sense
The currents arise from deep within
Invigorating my mind, while the soul
Floats on the white clouds of azure sky
Unveiling a whole new world of wonder
And reality evades slowly into fantasy