Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two verses

I Wish...

I found myself laying under the tree
Taking a nap smiling under the shade
I felt tubby fingers stroking my hair
And a flow of eternal energy in my veins

It made me open my eyes slowly
I found your shining eyes staring at me
That lovely grin and those chubby cheeks
I must be in a paradise I ever wanted to be

I came back to reality hearing a chime
And smiled about the amazing dream I had
Still lying on my bed I thought for a while
Wondering if you were really here... with me


Down the memory lane I see -
Your struggle to be someone
Never wanting to be a no one -
But to be in a ocean of someones

Although I stood right by your side -
You were blind folded all the time
Unaware that you were always -
A special someone to me

At last my silence is heard
You see yourself in my arms
I am glad its never too late than ever
To know I belong to you forever