Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Minute I See You

I find you everyday,
The same hour,
That very minute.
The glimpse of
Your alluring face
Lightens up my day.
I put my worries behind
And forget all the trifles
When I see your vibrant smile.
The notes of your tune
When you say "Hi" -
With all the love -
Lets my heart sing and dance.
Feeling obligated,
The least I do is,
I give you back
My nervous smile
And shy away.

I see you everyday
And that same smile
On your face - so lively -
As you offer it
You fill my eyes
With the sight of it.

I remember
the first minute
I saw you.
Since then,
It is keeping me
Going all along.
Now, I think
We were destined to meet
For I could get
A glimpse of you
Even with all the
Troubles in my mind,
You make me think
I should live
At least
Because of you.
Our feelings
Speak for themselves
Making the words
Turn into vapors.