Monday, April 8, 2013

Light of Hope

Out of a dreadful nightmare, I woke up suddenly
There was nothing but darkness around me
"Hello? Anyone here?" I cried out loudly
Although I knew there was no life in my vicinity

Sitting all alone in a place entirely unknown

I am gasping for air, it’s getting hard to breathe
In appalling fear my mind is slowly getting blown
In bits and pieces which I am unable to concede

It’s so pitch dark I haven't a clue of where I am

It may be a room or a monstrous dungeon
Or the deepest hole on earth which is damned
Or have my eyes gone blind by lethal poison?

How long I have been suffering here, I don't know

I am not aware of what time it is - day or night
Why on earth am I thrown here, so down below
In this death hole without slightest pity so outright?

My memory is erased but not completely

It is making me recollect only my sinful nature
Oh Lord, please have some mercy on me
Give me a quick death instead of this torture

Along with the pain, I am seeing something up in the sky

Hazy images of my immoral acts flashed my mind's eye
Those tormenting pictures brutally jabbed my eyes
Darkness favored me to witness my sins, increasing my cries

There is not a drop of tear coming out when I try to cry

Instead my eyes burn when I think of my heinous sins -
I shamelessly committed which took many, many lives
Thus I deserve to be in this gloomy hollow; I am rightfully in

Then I felt a gentle breeze in my hair, I lifted my head up

Was that the smell of freedom or am I lost in dreaming?
There it is! I saw a gleaming dot; The Light of Hope
Thank you God for showing the way out of this suffering

I got up, but my weak legs aren't allowing me to stand

With that vivid light in sight, a new life gave birth inside me
I stumbled and fell down, this last pain I have to withstand
And start crawling toward the only hope I could see

I began walking slowly placing one step after another

Without losing sight of that faint glow of light I gained
Thankfully that graceful speck is growing bigger and bigger
I ran as fast as I could to escape but I fell down again

On the way, my mind reminds me of everyone I abandoned -

Ruthlessly; so for now I cannot give up my only goal -
Of begging for mercy; I must endure for my sins to be forsaken
I will make it; it’s far but not far away; life’s just taking its toll

As I see the rays at my feet, it’s erasing my disgrace

Since I am about to enter that enlightening space
My eyes are glaring jubilantly with confidence
Making me wear a beaming smile of benevolence

The glimmering spot is now a giant ball of glow

My eyes are pierced by its first rays of light
I shut them hard; it is out of pain I must undergo
As I haven't seen this blessing on me so bright

At last I am out and into the lamp I stepped in

It wasn't a surprise to see the burning of my dead skin
"Yes! I am free!" I shouted with a voice of great relief
Seeing my tear drops at my feet was hard to believe

Now that I have realized the reasons of my incineration

The unwavering dot was the only thing that offered salvation
This light has now made me follow path of self righteousness
To work for well being of all mankind begging forgiveness

Idea behind the poem:
We, Hindus, have small places in our homes meant exclusively for Gods to reside. We also call them Holy Temples. Every morning we light a small lamp in it. It is called: Deepa - The Light of Hope. It burns gracefully all day. Its a custom. But there is more to it than that. It offers a sense of tremendous satisfaction and protection that nothing can go wrong.
Bragging rights:
It was a challenge for me to put all the things into this poem that capture the essence of Deepa without expressing religious or spiritual views about it. I had many headaches while composing this as it was quite a struggle to look for right thoughts. But the way it has come out, I love it and it was worth a shot!
If you have been following my work, especially if you have read my poem: The World that was Heaven, what do you think about this one? Does this look like a sequel? I think it does! It came completely as an element of surprise when I thought of my earlier work. Thank goodness, I did not think of writing a sequel to that poem while composing this one. Otherwise this wouldn't have looked better.


  1. Very deep and very nicely composed. It is not easy to pick this kind of subject and carve your thoughts into words without the essence of it getting tapered off a little. A great attempt and a very good outcome. Keep going!

  2. Beautiful poem. I could feel the pain and despair and then relief and salvation.

  3. Amit - I read this many times today, each reading building emotionally to the joy and salvation at the end. I did not read the description of Deepa in your "Idea behind the poem" until after the last reading. It finished it with a real sense of peace to gain this insight to the meaning and the process of your writing. Very nicely done.

  4. This is your masterpiece. I would bet only one of many. Thus far this poem is like the golden touch from the hand of Midas!