Monday, November 19, 2012


My mum had bought this book and kept it in the shelf last year. Ever since I saw it during my last vacation, my mind had started contemplating about Adolf Hitler and his connection with World War II. I desperately needed a break from work and so during this Diwali holidays, I did nothing but ate good homemade food, slept a lot and read this book: Adolf Hitler by James Bunting.

There is nothing noteworthy about this one. Its more of a collection of facts. Right from the first chapter I felt negative energy radiating out of it. Its a short account of Hitler's life and, the rise and fall of Third Reich. When I read the first chapter titled "The Misfit", it was quite a revelation for me. It brought out a series of disturbing facts about Hitler's family background. His parents were cousins and his mother's first marriage was to her half brother which produced only retarded children. Although Hitler was apparently normal his thoughts were mostly pessimistic. He never blended well with the society. As a boy, he always boasted himself to be a great artist with his works of erratic poetry and atrocious paintings. He was not even a German by birth. It was during his teenage years that a professor and a monk seeded anti-Semitic ideas into his brain.  Even though these ideas were not his own, he believed in them irrationally. His hatred against Jews magnified when his works weren't received well by anyone.

As a result of World War I, Germany's economy was very badly hit. People wanted to witness improvement quickly. Hitler's highly provocative speeches about the nation's future made him very popular which eventually led to World War II. It wouldn't be a surprise to note that the Nazi regime was full of sadists; most of them with criminal records. Like his father, he insanely seduced any woman walking across the street. As the book says, since he could not accept failures, he had suicidal tendencies. He made many attempts to kill himself during his youth.

During the beginning of World War II, all he wanted was to get back all the German territories lost in World War I (Treaty of Versailles). When his attempts failed, he decided to take over the world forming Axis with another of his kind: Benito Mussolini. If you would like to know more about his madness and insanity, read the book. The book itself has many grammatical errors. Having said that, it presents an interesting fact. Hitler's biography My Struggle is full of errors and his German was not at all good.

Alright now what did I get from this book? As most of you know, arranged marriages are still prevalent in India. In the process both families - boy's and the girl's, do an informal background check on each other to get a fair idea of how good the family is: does the family has any criminal background, major health issues, are we related to them by any chance, other facts which might be unacceptable, etc? After reading this book, it made me very clear why this process is so important. Another important thing to note is, whenever someone criticizes your work, take it as a positive message. At least it will stop you from being under the illusion "I am really good!" Instead be thankful to that critic who hasn't found your work impressive and take it as "I need to work more to improve my skills" What's more? Hitler's thought process can be used as a subject to study psychology and educate people to align their actions fall in the path of righteousness. 

The last lines of this book are The greatest tyrant of out our day and age is dead and buried. Let us hope and pray that another like him will never be allowed to rise again. This made me think of Osama Bin Laden...