Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Me and Nature


Am I lost in eternity?
Or am I still here?
The nature keeps teasing me
With its spellbinding beauty everywhere

I see only greenery surrounding me
Giving healing comfort to my eyes
I see mists floating around me
Breathing in fresh air letting me fly by

I see streams of water flowing down the hills
Mesmerizing my eyes to see it as milk
So clear, so pure and vibrant in my palm
Felt like holy water rushing through my arms

I long to be here with you always
I don't want to go back to the city
Where heartless people are living without mercy
While your harmony is being washed away


Leave me alone as I am
My offerings are priceless to you
I will serve you selflessly wherever I am
To keep you with me happily glued

When you spoil my dwelling here
For your temporary happiness
Then you force my helplessness
To become violent and make you disappear

Don't be sorry for what you've done now
Endeavor to put me back in shape
Its never too late to take a noble vow
To save me and earth from your own race

I dedicate this poetry to Kerala, the southern most state of India. I have no words to describe its natural beauty. I had been to Wayanad, earliar this month, a famous hill station. I went for trekking to Chembra peak, visited Eddakal caves: observed ancient engravings on giant rocks which are conspicuous even today, witnessed the glorious Soochipara water falls, then went for boating to Pookot lake which is surrounded by thick forest, and at last saw groups of wild elephants on our way back along Bandipur forest belt. Wayanad and Munnar are the places where you converse with nature. Here are some pictures we captured. There is no doubt why Kerala is called God's own country.