Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wishing for Wishes

I hope I am not the only one who dislikes celebrating my birthday. Hmm, it's not exactly dislike but, it's about keeping low on this occasion. I turned off my birthday notifications in all social networks. Trying to be rational on this point, I believe that people will certainly wish me on my birthday if they remember it and if they really mean it. Those people are my family members and close friends.

I also don't want wishes from unwanted people or from those people with whom I haven't spoken to even once for a long time or from people who I hardly know. The notification on a social network will only act as an announcement: "Hey look! It's his birthday. It's your time to wish him!" or it could be other way around: "Guys! It's my birthday. Wish me!" It's like forcing them to wish me, even if they don't want to. I see some guys post their wishes just because other guys have wished me. Trust me, I have done it myself sometimes. Nobody wants to get their faces ugly. Otherwise, later that day, you might hear someone shouting: "Hey! Did you see? That guy did not wish him!"

The most obvious reason is, I am not a famous personality. Forget country or city, people don't even know of my existence in the locality where I live. So, why should I publicize my birthday when it is just another day for everyone else? Why should I disturb their routine? Even if I'll be a celebrity on that particular day, next day there will be noises around me: "Who was that guy anyway?" The most annoying part of birthday is we are clouding the fact that we are growing OLDER each year. We are forgetting this truth. And we are celebrating a day that is making us old. It's an alarm every year: "Remember! You are no longer young now!" How could anyone be happy or celebrate for that? I feel sick sometimes thinking of my age. And, I think of my age mostly on my birthday. I wish it could pass as just another day.

This reminds me! Think about wedding anniversaries. Anyone congratulating you on this occasion will be an indirect way of asking you "How the hell did you spend so many years with him/her? Are you OK? You are not the guy/gal you used to be. I am sure he/she has turned you mad!" Jokes apart, but I am happy for everyone who are happily married. I don't think I am trying to induce my thoughts into someone. I am just letting them loose.