Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My First Poem - A Quatrain

I don't know what to write
My mind struggles for a clear sight
For days, I longed to start poetry
Unsure what it turns out to be

Yet I manage to hold my pen straight
Scribbling on papers for a poetic thought
My heart tells me the time is not right
Until the poet is born in you to take the first stride

Day by day, I console my heart to calm down
For its not a war to win and be afraid of the unborn
Many things in life are up for a start, it needs to come out someday
I am letting it out today because its a beautiful day

However naive this verse looks to many
I love the way it looks to me
For its my first endeavor towards rhyme
The thing that is entirely mine

Its not difficult to write a rhyme - I said to myself
Until the lines came out from my heart
I realized they were placed on my soul's shelf
Never leaving them to part

Beauty lies in poetry
Now I know its true
Filled with pride, my heart beats with joy for me
To write many more for you


  1. Wah janab ...wah janab..bahut khub ..lage rahoooo :)

  2. Good attempt, Keep scribbling :)

  3. Super Ri!!!! I dont feel that you are writing poet for the first time. Really AWESOME!!! KEEP ON ATB.