Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't lie to yourself

A thing that I hate in you
The very thing that's got in you
Its a thing you already know
Which makes me unwell with woe

You take everything to mind
For some to be felt in your heart
I can't stop wondering why you do that
Forcing yourself to be blind

You act like a cold hearted man
A man who doesn't feel a thing
Even if you don't give a damn
You are filled with delightful things

Burning down your pleasant feelings inside
Parting from them never to seek you
Disallowing them to be on your side
Suppressing them from getting close to you

I'll be with you till the world ends
For you are as sweet as you ever been
I am the most trustworthy of your friends
For you've the purest mind I've ever seen

So tell me why you do it
Be kind enough to reward a bit
You seem to have no clue
Of how many people adore you

I am afraid one day it will take over
So never let it grow in you
Don't lie to yourself whatsoever
Not to let anything despise you

I can't see you suffer with remorse or regret
Until you're down with last drop of sweat
Open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you
Embrace those priceless feelings that cherish you
For it's the only reason we live and never forget