Monday, August 1, 2011

Stay Out!

It was yet another Sunday afternoon, she looked steaming hot and absolutely delightful. By the way, she was very red - an absolute pleasure to my eyes. She was introduced to me as Ms. K by Mr. R. We became very quick friends and I fell in love with her in minutes! She was very charming.

I introduced Ms. K to my secretaries; Mr. T and Ms. S. These guys took great care of me since my birth. They always ensured my well being. So, I consider these people as the  most trustworthy people of my life. On escorting Ms. K to my home, Mr. T soothingly said to me "She is wonderful! Very good sir!". I was very glad that he approved of her. But when she met Ms. S, both exchanged spiteful glances at each other. I know, women won't do well with each other when a handsome guy like me is around them. I had the feeling that all they both need is time, to sort out things between themselves, and then everything will be just fine.

After dinner, I was lying on my bed working on my laptop, I heard heated arguments between Ms. S and Ms. K. I tried to take control of the situation. I even tried to understand what the matter was. All Ms. S said was "She does not belong here. She is unacceptable! I will throw her out!" I began sweating like anything. I tried to convince Ms. K very much, but I lost to her every time, because she is logically right all the time. I didn't know what to do. Soon, both women started to fight with swords and pistols. I was really feeling very uncomfortable and uneasy.

It was time to call in my external agent Mr. B. He has tremendous experience in handling such things incredibly well. He always comes to my help to clean up the mess. He wasted no time in acting swiftly. Meanwhile, I went to the restroom to freshen up. Soon, I realized that, it was not cease fire or settlement between the two women, but as a matter of fact, Ms. S had actually won the fight! Ms. K looked shamefully ugly and her hands were cuffed. Ms. S kicked me in the bottom and demanded; "Show her the way out and moving on, don't trouble me like this by letting such people in! I won't tolerate such things! Do I make myself clear?". I had no other choice but to agree with her, "Yes ma'am, you're perfectly clear."

I had very nice sleep later that night. I remembered the last words by Ms. S. I know, I will forget these words after few weeks.
*    *    *
Ms. K - The very hot and spicy, Veg. Kolhapuri
Mr. R - Roti
Mr. T - My tongue
Ms. S - My very own stomach
Mr. B - Banana