Friday, July 15, 2011

First Impression is NOT always the Last Impression

In the recent years, I am not believing with the quote - first impression is the last impression. Its only about how I present myself to the people around me. I believe this saying rather discourages or demoralizes people from proving themselves.

Let me substantiate my belief with live instances. I am a less talkative guy. But that doesn't mean that I don't I talk at all. By this characteristic, people judge me as an introvert. I remember one of my managers at workplace saying this when I first joined the company. So, my work in the company was scrutinized for first few months. They thought I wasn't working well. This was their first impression. I knew it was uncomfortable to work under such conditions, but I suppressed this feeling. I said to myself "I am gonna show them who I really am!" As days went by, I worked stretching myself a little longer but made very sure I work my way. When the product delivery was made successfully, everyone was happy. Moreover, my potential and my work was highly recognized. This is the second impression. I guess the first impression is vanished now. My managers are happy with me as long as I get the work done.

Similar thing happened within my family. Even though I was a hard worker, my effort did not get reflected in my engineering result sheets. My parents underestimated me very much. They dreamed of me working in a reputed company. But what they were practically watching was that I was going nowhere. Finally, with God's grace, my effort became fruitful when I started my started my professional career three and half years ago in August 2007. With some  struggles & troubles during beginning stages of my profession, I am sure they are happy to see what I am now. Again, the second impression is what really counts.

If you have the potential then you don't really have to worry. It takes some time to show itself. But, don't let yourself down. Hard work really pays off in a grand fashion. Don't even make an attempt to impress anyone. Because you are only one of your kind. Be happy the way you are. Never look back. Always look ahead in search of learning new things, that you think, helps you prosper your life and gain the right potential. And as I move on, I don't rely on first impression of a person. Instead I study that person for sometime because I know it might change with time. Some quotes remain just as quotes.