Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Last Minute

I found myself in front of the examination hall. My friends, students wandered everywhere. They were filled with anxiety. And I was even more anxious; I couldn't remember a thing, my mind seemed completely lost.

The exam finally commenced. When I held out the question paper in my hand, I couldn't read it; some text appeared before my eyes. It was something related to engineering. I couldn't read it though. In the back of my mind, I knew something is wrong. I derived that I couldn't answer a thing. I was dominated by fear because I never fail in exams! But, this time, it was very clear; I am gonna fail!

Suddenly, I observed the supervisor got disappeared from the hall. The hall turned into frenzy. Every student scattered all round the campus in search of answers. I found my friend who knew some answers. We began answering the questions on the stairs of college library. I was glad I was able break the deadlock.

The cops appeared behind us. They chased us, scolded us and made us rush back to the examination hall. It was all happening. This time, there was no chance of cheating. Failure was near. I was not ready to accept it anyways. I folded my arms on the desk and rested my forehead on them. It was haunting me: "You are going to fail, there is no escape from it now!". Time was running out.

I started hearing a voice. I recognized that voice. It was calling my name. It was someone I knew; a dear one. My name was being called again & again. My body was shaken many times. I opened my eyes.

It was my sister. "Wake up! You are getting late for work". She was uncomfortable seeing me; I was shocked and feeling relieved at the same time. I looked around the room, I made sure it is real.

"Thanks a lot!", I said being grateful to her.
"Another exam in a bad dream?", she guessed.
"Yes! A nightmare. I hate early morning dreams."
"You failed, didn't you?"
"I am very glad I didn't take up engineering!"
"I bet you are right!"