Saturday, May 14, 2011

Have you any dreams?

Everyone has dreams; desire to become "the" person, aspirations to accomplish things. But how many will chase that dream to make a reality? 

Always have a dream - a big one! It will refrain you from losing the right direction. You start thinking accordingly to achieve it. Its not at all easy to run behind a dream, it will test your patience and your  perseverance.

Some catalysts may occur. You might get influenced by people's thoughts and they might pursue you to change your mind. Or people are wicked enough to alter your path. Be clever to identify such things. Bear in mind - "You are what you are in this world and no one's gonna make a damn about you!" Get inspired instead of getting influenced! If people think you as an idiot, they are not minding their own business, but you stick to the plan.
"I failed in lot of subjects during my studies, but my friends passed. They are employees of Microsoft. I am the owner of it!" - Bill Gates
Achieving goals & objectives is a very painful task. Its not a freeway. But, once your are sure you have achieved it, you will definitely know that its because of the painful efforts you have put in or painful situations you went through in the past. You will cherish those moments once you are experiencing the joy of being successful. Hard work will certainly pay off. You will prove every one wrong who has thought about you otherwise.
"Failure is everything that success never teaches you."
Sometimes, you will be going through unbearable pain despite your efforts; the dark days, the lonely and sleepless nights, the times when you think "Damn! Nothing is going right with me!" Then, stay calm - don't panic. Think that your destiny is being tested. Just don't give up! If you are working hard, work harder! Try to figure a way out of the mess. Be sure there will be fruitful results in the near future. And you will say "Pain? bring it on!"
"Be what you wanna be... taking things the way they come..." - Bacardi