Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Karma Is Logged

Karma Is Logged

You have hurt me.
I bled with its pain
And wept in vain.

Now that time is bygone
My wounds have healed
But the scars have remained.
That's the lesson it taught me.

But, not to worry.
Your karma has been logged-
Duly noted in the register.
It is just a matter of time
That you have to face its music.

I am not wishing bad about you.
Since you know how badly it hurts,
I want you to realize it yourself:
How it feels to undergo the pain.

Once you have realized it,
You should hope for things to be normal again.
Until then,  I will stay away from you.

Oct 9, 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Choice In The Void

The Choice In The Void

The reason to fight
Against the geysers of
Frustration and fatigue
Is inflating into a giant balloon
While the emptiness is
Waiting, and watching anxiously:
To know whether it will be
Filled by happiness or sorrow.

Happiness is not a chance offered,
Nor a dice to play in the game of luck;
But a choice - a very conscious one,
That has to be made on what is wished for.
Because even in nothingness,
Like the ticking time bomb,
The moments could be lost, forever;
So it is the choice that decides
Whether those moments turn into
Priceless memories or worthless regrets.

The devil is a watchful predator
That is also consciously waiting
To pounce upon the void
And forge a throne for itself
With a sole purpose of
Hunting down the moments
And turning them into nightmares.

In spite of this awareness,
It's a hard choice to make!

(c) Amit Herlekar
Sept 27, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018



When I keep watching you
It evokes great joy in my heart.
And if things were different
I would cross the oceans to marry you.

It's all about your gorgeous face
Carrying the most beautiful smile
That I am madly in love with.
Its overloaded with cuteness -
Those plumpy lips
Painted with a color of grace
Casts a shadow on your
Well-aligned teeth underneath.

I don't mind even if you think
We don't know each other.
Because it just doesn't matter.
Your ravishing smile tells me
Everything about you.
That you are the woman
With whom I want to spend
My whole life.

The thick dark hair of yours
Manage to flutter in the breeze
Without affecting the beauty
You are bestowed with,
Covering the groomed eyebrows
Which are trying to hide from me.

And what to say about your eyes!
Those big shiny black pearls of love.
They are the dazzling pair of gifts
Rolled down to you from heaven.
Those long curved eyelashes give
The right touch of glamour.
So the twinkle in your eyes is
A rare spectacle of elegance!

But as I examine you closely
I see that those magical eyes hide
All the sorrows of earthly life
And reflect the love you ask from a man.

The waves formed by your cuddly cheeks
Reflect the glint of shyness about you -
Exhibiting the innocence you wear
As the mark of great finesse!
And when you smile, they swell;
Tempting all the children around you
To squeeze them and then kiss them.

If I had met you for real,
I wouldn't have come up with this verse.
Because everything that has created you
Would have overwhelmed me so much
That I would have hardly succeeded
In expressing these words about you.
I am grateful that I am underwhelmed
For not seeing you in person
As it allowed me to write this song
Just by staring at the portraits of you.

Like goddesses and angels,
You are all around me.
On every wall of every room.
Accept this verse as a token of gratitude
For sharing your portraits with me
As they fill the gaps of loneliness with joy
And cure my insanity with your warmth.

I am so sad that we are far away
So this poor soul has only one request:
Please keep sharing your portraits.
I want to dream of you every day
For turning this illusion
Into a delusion of reality
As I live my life in them.
My heart knows that
Our love for each other
Lives on and on,

Sept 2018

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Cadbury Girl

The Cadbury Girl

There was this girl I adored when I was a kid
She appeared in a TV commercial for Cadbury's Dairy Milk
Back in those days, there was no Google, Facebook or YouTube
As her lover hits a long nervous shot and wins the match
She appeared so happy, so joyful and so lively
She jumps out into the field, bypassing the security guard
With her crazy dance moves, she finally embraces him.
Then I really felt that life is so beautiful.
I used to smile every time when the ad appeared on TV.

One of my friends on Facebook shared a video compilation.
It was a collated video of all the popular ads of the 1990s.
The Cadbury girl commercial was one of the clips.
Then I was really curious to know about her:
What's her name, where does she come from?
I began to look her up on the web immediately.
I was curious to know what she's been doing:
Has she been working in the movies or any TV series?

In my desperate search for her all over the web,
I finally found out what her name was.
It was mentioned in one of the comments on YouTube.
My heart was racing with my eyeballs rolling over the name.
Then my heart stopped and my eyes were wide open.
I was completely shocked and surprised for that moment.
It was written: RIP Sophiya Haque.
I looked at her Wikipedia page like an obituary.
It made me sad.

When I looked up her images,
She wasn't the Cadbury girl.
Some said - she is not Sophiya Haque,
She is Shimona Rashi - said the rest.

Whatever her name is, wherever she really is
With forty seconds of her appearance
She made a lot of us have
The Real Taste of Life.

Feb 6, 2018
(c) amit herlekar

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Battle After

The Battle After

It was a long and a pleasant vacation until yesterday.
A smooth ride to the countryside:
The fragrance of pristine nature
Accompanied by the silence guarded by the cool breeze.
It was a holiday of peace that made the excursion so beautiful.

Tomorrow, yet again, the same battle resumes.
The love that was embraced once upon a time,
Has now become stagnant:
The passion doesn't drive through my heart anymore.
So the veins are completely parched
And the thoughts do not flow.
Paving the way for self-destruction.

Jan 2018