Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Struggle Within

The confrontation of mind and heart
Conceals the emotions deep within
When they are revolting to break out
It is the instinct - the innate nature
Of the soul not to show or utter
Even the slightest hint of sorrow

The dam of silent tears is closed
Behind the mask of my impassive face
A great degree of violent pain is endured
When a volcano on the verge of eruption
Is capped by silence to let it implode
Not to cause additional distress

My conscience does not comprehend,
That the silence evokes hostility
Which haunts in the eyes gazing at me
But they will never understand,
The agony inflicted upon the heart

Accusation begins to confront avoidance
Adjuring to break the distancing silence
Without understanding the struggle within

August 6, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Inferno: The Beating Of A Dead Heart


The Beating Of A Dead Heart

Head turned back, brows locked, eyes fixed on the stormy sky
Unrelenting to forgive, hate boiled to a point of raging flame
For the prestige of it was too dear to lose out to compassion
Nurtured by vigorous vanity, contempt had grown into cancer
Such callous display expected nothing in return but loathing
Waiting in vain with great patience for the final touch down
Proud to be crowned as an atrocious prince of willful scorn
Spite was surplus in the heart making it oblivious of mercy

As the curtains went up, it was an unexpected surprise;
A sight of displeasure began clouding those furious eyes
It was not hate that was revealed! It was a face of love,
Emanating from the bottom of a heart crying out of pity
In a dire need to cradle that heart under the spell of evil
Tears were shed in prayers to root out the abhorrence,
And to plant a seed of love that will grow like a beanstalk,
To flourish a heart that beats in rhythms of endearment

But compassion was mistaken to be an act of retaliation
Then assault was launched only to receive warm affections
Spears of vicious snakes hurled, boomeranged garlands
Infuriating the hostility burning to the point of inferno
Such a heart which only detests when infected with hate,
Turned those eyes blind towards the sweet colors of love
Thus, without standing the sight of a hand offering to help,
Love tasted bitter as it was regarded as sickening poison

The beauty of love did not decline in the wicked sight of hate
It grew brighter with every audacious show of abomination
Like a rising sun at dawn, spreading the subtle morning rays,
A gentle breeze blew and chased those stormy clouds away
The resenting heart did not see a chance to change its stand
Utterly reluctant to accept the face of loss in a petty battle
Thus, it ended living in perpetual death of gnawing vexation
Ultimately, a prolonged repentance burnt the soul to cinder

July 30, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Image from the movie The Machinist

On the cold tracks of a blank tapestry
A train starts rattling through utter silence
Swarm of swirls begin spinning with vanity
Dancing wildly through haunted stillness
Obscure images play on a vast landscape
Scrambling around to form a clear shape

Lost in imagination to seek ultimate destiny
Diving deep into the sea bed of coral reef
To enjoy the remainder of life in tranquility
Basking on the beach in composed relief
All the hassles and turmoils begin to cease
The sun rises to dawn a new era of peace

Past ignites bitter hatred, future calls fear
Blood boils with an inextinguishable rage
Devious schemes sharpen a vicious spear
To avenge the heart aching sorely in a cage
Utterly dejected in the lonely years bygone
Malignant revenge never relents to move on

Contemplating the depth of synopsis written
Digging out destinies beyond the new states
Fingers drum table tops while nails get bitten,
Wheels spin, nerves throb at increasing rates
To nail down objectives fixed hard on target
As the triumph is worth every bead of sweat

Recollection of precious pebbles of jovial times
That dwell deep in the memory of loved ones
Trickles of happy tears bring along many smiles
Eyes twinkle as they look up to the great heavens
Every moment in the lifetime is dearly cherished
As the glint of the past years is never tarnished

Eyes roll deep within, legs oscillate in agitation
Worrying about things of fast approaching days,
Which are beyond control; no room for realization
Then anxiety plays symphony in tormenting ways
"What next? What to do?" nags the spinning mind
Finally, "Let's see what happens. Try not to mind,"

The grand finale approached fast ringing from afar
With honks killing the silence, lights blurring the view,
Magnifying noises entreated to step out of the car
For the roaring engine hardly moved an inch or two
The train racing ahead of time, came to a sudden halt;
Awakening caused the shutdown of the central vault

March 03, 2014