Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Beast

The Beast

Image courtesy: The Silence of the Lambs

... and here it comes again; it has awaken
Breaking the shackles wound around it
Into splinters of violent pandemonium
This untamed being; the abhorring brute
Looming inside me with a devious smug
Unleashes itself triumphantly with a roar -
A wicked roar that bursts sardonic laughter

To experience the long awaited freedom;
Freedom of being deviant once again
And being uncouth and mischievous
This happens only when you are gone
So I can be the king of all the spoils
I earnestly wish you to return after eons

Mindless about the depletion inside
By being unwise about its actions
The mind is poisoned to the core
By a plague of heathen thoughts
Causing devil-may-care perversion
To the point of wild palpitation
Thus, after a long run of satanic fun
Finally the beast succumbs to repose

I couldn't open my eyes when the sun was up
As it was the grim sight of a great disaster
My mind was numb; my soul - obliterated
I was vanquished by the wretched monster,
The devil inside me which I had given birth
Of which I am the father and its rightful master

Oh, is there anything less painful than
To get torn apart between my mind and soul?
It is this regret that nags me with teasing cry:
Was there something I should have done
When it was growing inside the womb?
Oh, why did I embrace it with open arms
When I knew about its repercussions?

After a long struggle to concede my defeat
That has stained this haggard look upon me,
I kneel down, ashamed, to beseech you:
Wherever you are, please come back soon
Only you can help me bring myself back;
Help me find myself for I am lost in wilderness
And rescue me from this dreadful creature

Before it gets lost from me forever
Please, I am begging you to bring it back -
The harmony between my mind and soul
Which left me without saying, "Goodbye"
Be a guiding light and I will bridle the beast
Let my righteousness be the strength to hold it firm
And I pledge to take it on the path of morality
Then it will never be called as The Beast ever again

April 23, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Book Review: Foundation by Isaac Asimov

I always wanted to read Asimov's works and I had heard a lot about his Foundation Trilogy. This book, first in the trio, is a series of stories loosely coupled but held together by an idea called the Foundation. It starts with Hari Seldon and his pupil Gaal Dornick - the physcohistorians, who predict future history based on mathematical calculations. Then he is exiled from his home planet, Trantor, to establish a colony called the Foundation on the periphery of the galaxy. As years go by, a series of crisis occur as foretold by Seldon. These crises are entirely political with the sole intention to gain absolute power. The internal affairs and the barbarous planets try to take over the Foundation and ultimately the Galactic Empire.

Hari Seldon seen inside the Time Vault
On the whole its about the relationship between super-advanced science- especially the use of nuclear power- and humanity. The nuclear power is used as a primary weapon not only in warfare but also as a commodity for trade. What I really loved about the book is the crisis themselves. They appealed to my senses very much. I mean, the devious plots in the grand scheme of politics are very intriguing. Also, it was even more fun reading about the resolution of the crisis for protecting the interests of the Foundation. Isaac Asimov has written the stories so cleverly that all of it is in the form of no-nonsense, obscure, high standard conversations. Thus making it a high voltage, enjoyable political drama. It easily showcases his intellect. I really hope you will enjoy this book. Now, I have decided to pick up the next: Foundation and Empire. Until next time...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Short Story: A Conversation

Here is a new short story I wrote recently. Hope you enjoy it.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pride and Glory

Pride and Glory

I have failed before, and I will fail again
Because I know, (Well, I came to know)
First by denial, then by utter reluctance;
Ultimately by strike of rude awakening:
It was a wretched scream without a voice:
Beseeching me to open my arms wide
Only to accept me; just to accept myself
Which I continue to fail...

To make a world understand who I am
Help them witness the treasure I possess
Through the beauty of my works of art
Relish what lies beneath the mask I wear
In return gives me strength to stand firm,
Gives me courage to hold my head high
That's the ultimate source of my pride.

After a long hiatus, through the windows
I see that my bygone glory has got faded,
They label me as a washed-up celebrity -
A comic book character wearing a mask,
Who is now old and has a bleating voice
With a family that he's no longer part of.

I sit with my head slumped in my hands,
"You are old, man. You're a crippled goat!
Smelling stench in this squalid little room,
Listen to me. It's over. You're screwed up.
You are no artist; you are a coward, man!
Get into that suit; get back what we've lost."
I lose control; fury and rage overpowers me
I am disappearing, vanishing into thin air.
"You are fake, an imposter. They will know."
Stop it! Please let me be. There is no "we"
Shut up! Argh! Get out of my freaking head!
Out of intense frustration, I pull my hair,
And bang my head hard against the mirror
Helpless and exhausted, I finally surrender.
"It's always 'we', man! Wherever you are."

*    *    *

All set to make a comeback in this time
With brave and bold new ideas of my own
I am embarking on a whole new journey
To achieve the goals painted my dreams
But I hear is sardonic laughs around me
They question the credibility of my talent
It makes the sorrow thrive without mercy
Burdening my heart which it cannot bear

The loneliness haunts me when it says...
"Wake up you miserable, bleating old goat!
How did we end up in this filthy cesspool?
You do not deserve this kind of aggravation.
Remember what you are, where you belong,
Wait until you see the faces of those who
Thought you were an old washed-up artist.
You tower over this jaw dropping greatness;
You are larger than life, man. You are a God
Saving people from their boring little lives!
Let us go back one more time to show them
What we're capable of with a grand overture
And the very next time you bleat..."

Echoes of my long lived dreams resonate
A hard hitting reality of my own manifests
With a snap of my fingers the show begins
A missile strikes, explosion across the street,
A dreadful monster circling above screeches
I take a big leap to fight that dreaded beast
Firing powerful laser beams through my fists
"This is what you are, where you belong."
A joyful smile fills my face with pride.

*    *    *

"This is it, man. The final act. Get out there;
Give it to them you mighty wrinkly goat.
Show them what you've got for the last time
And earn back what you always wanted,
What you alone deserved - pride and glory.
You are destined to soar above all of them.
Together we're unstoppable - a global force.
You're the best there is, the best there was,
And the best there ever will be!"

I win millions of hearts after the final act.
Next dawn, I sit on my bed, an encore begins;
I go to the window and gaze towards the sky,
Admiring its natural beauty I take the big leap
And they see me flying high up in the heavens.

For Birdman

Feb 09, 2016 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Book Review: Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

A few of my friends and relatives recommended me to read this novel. I wasn't so sure about it. But the moment my eyes fell on the title of Part 1:


I thought, I must read it. I have seen this line being used in many places on the internet. It's a very famous line.

Ever since I started reading, it made me realize the effects of oppressive rule. Imagine the world ruled by a dictator so cruel that there is no freedom to do anything - not to utter a word, not to hear, not even for me to write this review, not to express anything in anyway. Then it would take enormous amount of courage to thrive inside my guts to place a dot on this post. Just think for a moment. Every breath you take is sniffed, every whisper is unmistakably noticed and to make matters worse, your thoughts are read by the so called "Thought Police". Do you think you would have lived your life? I guess not! You would have merely survived cursing your birth. This is the core theme of the novel.

It's a science fiction novel of dytopian setting. A great story - this feat by George Orwell narrates the life of Winston Smith. The loss of his family which he can't clearly recollect, his delirious mind that can't decide what's right or wrong, his confusion resulting out of madness during the "Hate Speech", all very well explained in detail so eloquently that it touched my mind and soul at many layers. It's incredible to see George Orwell could capture and describe every painful emotion plainly as though it is normal. It takes you down the staircase one step at a time thereby making the heart heavier at every step. The agony is merely out of sheer hopelessness. The depth of emotions exhibited in writing and to be able to feel it at different levels when read shows the mark of a true genius.

Some quotes and passages are so thought provoking that I went over them again and again. I believe that emotions are best expressed in words if the writer gets absorbed in that feeling or he has experienced it. I could clearly relate to this statement particularly in this novel, Because the words are aptly used in order to explain the characters' vibes throughout the story. I wrote this review until this point when I finished reading just twelve percent of the book. It overwhelmed me completely by surprise considering the setting, the plot and the characters.

Every aspect of oppressive rule is astutely covered. The fact that an all new language: Newspeak is made the official language of Oceania. This is such a language where most of words from the English dictionary are removed. This is to make sure citizens are disabled to think or express anything - a measure to prevent "Thought Crime". Thought Crime is a criminal offense by citizens who do not conform to the principles of Ingsoc.

One of the most fascinating concepts written in the novel is about DOUBLETHINK. In English, it means "Reality Control". By definition, it means:
DOUBLETHINK means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.
To confuse you even more, here is the intent of DOUBLETHINK:
To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies — all this is indispensably necessary.
All right! So to understand DOUBLETHINK, read the novel. It is very interesting. Talking about the style of language, Orwell has extensively made use of double negatives and strong adjectives to describe the predicaments, that intensify the situation to the core and gives the readers the feeling of wrenching of guts.

On the positive side of things, this great novel, a magnum opus as a matter of fact, has helped me to introspect about my life. After reading this novel I told myself, "Live your life to the fullest. Because you never know what thoughts get cooked-up inside the minds of the people who are ruling the nation!" Because my heart sank seeing the story meeting a very sad end. I thought that the story may end describing the dawn of a revolution. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy reading the novel.